Selected special sessions for IAC 2024

List of Selected Special Sessions for IAC 2024 Unveiled!

After a record number of 150 Special Session (SpS) submissions for IAC 2024, we are pleased to announce the list of SpS proposals which have been selected by the IPC Steering Group.

Congratulations to those whose proposals were selected and best wishes for the successful organization of your Special Sessions!

# Organizer Topic SpS Title
#1 Mauro Gaggero A1 Plant Cultivation in Space for Food Production and Resource Regeneration: Opportunities, Constraints, and Advances in Technology
#2 Giuseppe Governale E1 Empowering Tomorrow’s Space Visionaries: Exploring Multidisciplinary Pathways to Space Exploration
#3 Darren McKnight A6 Orbital Debris Remediation – Accelerating Active Debris Removal (ADR)
#4 Valentina Sumini B3 AI-enabled Self-Reliant Design, Construction, and Operations of Adaptable Deep Space Habitats
#5 Charles Norton A3 The Next Technology Breakthrough to Drive Transformational Space Science Discovery
#6 to be merged Thomas Wolf D4 In-Space Servicing Assembly & Manufacturing (ISAM) – Service Solutions for Safe, Secure and Sustainable Space
#6 to be merged Stéphanie Behar-Lafenetre D4 On-Orbit Servicing: shaping the Future Space Ecosystem?
#7 Maria Antonia Brovelli B1 Sustainable Cities and Communities: which role for Cubesats?
#8 Vera Pinto Gomes B5 Space Supporting a World of 8 Billion People
#9 Guy Seguin B1 Responsible and Sustainable Advances in SAR Mission and Technology
#10 Haroon B. Oqab C3 Future Solar Power Satellites: Space Sustainability for Clean and Secure Energy from Space for Earth
#11 Cheryl Gramling B2 Excuse Me, Can You Direct Me to Shackleton Crater? Applying Novel Solutions to the Challenges of Lunar Position, Navigation, and Timing
#12 Sona Guliyeva E1 Geoinformation Technologies for Sustainable Development (GIT4SD): Promoting Responsible Space Data Analysis in Emergency Response
#13 Nicholas H. Crisp D1 Very Low Earth Orbits (VLEO) – Development and Engagement of the Growing Community of Interest towards Sustainable Lower Altitude Operations
#14 Erasmo Carrera F Space It Up! Collaborative Innovation in Space Science & Technology
#15 Julie Nekola Novakova E1 It’s Full of Stars: Storytelling for Space Outreach
#16 Mahhad Nayyer E9 Interactive Workshop on Space Sustainability: Defining Space Sustainability, Together
#17 Christian Walter A3 ESA Moonlight: Lunar Communication and Navigation Services for the Lunar Economy
#18 Sirio Zolea E3 A Hard Working Sol on Mars: a Governance Role-Play