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Please note that, due to the enormous number of requests that we receive daily, the spaces that are marked as available and/or optioned, might be booked or become available at any moment!

Should you be interested in receiving any kinds of Sponsorship/Exhibition information, please send an e-mail to sponsor@iac2024.org

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Exhibition Area – Level +1

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Sponsorship Opportunities

SPONSORS (Preliminary List)

Airbus France/ Germany Silver MS-D11 Level 0
Austrialian Space Agency Australia Silver MS-D05 Level 0
Avio Italy Silver MC-09 Level 0
BAE Systems UK Bronze MN-C15 Level 0
Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA) Italy Bronze MS-B13 Level 0
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) Italy Bronze MS-C12 Level 0
EnduroSat Bulgaria Bronze MN-E04a Level 0
European Space Agency (ESA) Europe Platinum MS-D07 Level 0
European Space Foundation Poland Poland Gold MN-A13 Level 0
Fondazione E. Amaldi ITALY Bronze MS-B14 Level 0
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) India Platinum MS-B07 Level 0
InterSputnik Russian Federation Silver MN-A11 Level 0
Italian Space Agency (ASI) Italy Anchor MS-D09 and MS-D04 Level 0
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Japan Silver MS-E05 Level 0
Leonardo Italy Anchor MS-B09 Level 0
Lockheed Martin USA Silver MN1-B02 Level +1
Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) Luxembourg Silver MN-D07 Level 0
Northrop Grumman Corporation
USA Bronze MN1-B01 Level +1
Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space Portugal Silver MN-B09 Level 0
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University China Bronze MN-C11 Level 0
Space Product and Innovation S.r.l (SPiN) Italy Bronze MS-B12 Level 0
Spaceopal Germany Silver MS-D13 Level 0
TelePIX Co., Ltd. Korea Bronze MS-D08 Level 0
Thales Alenia Space (TAS) France/Italy Gold MS-B11 Level 0
The MITRE Corporation USA Silver MN-E04 Level 0
UK Space Agency UK Gold MS-B05 Level 0
VAST Space USA Gold MN-D03 Level 0
Venturi Monaco Silver MN-A05 Level 0

Exhibitor (Preliminary List)

AAC Clyde SpaceSwedenMN1-A09Level +1
AIKO Space Italy MS-A13Level 0
AIR Liquide FranceMN-F19Level 0
Alen Space SpainMN-A32b Level 0
ALTEC S.p.A.Italy MS-A15 Level 0
Alten GroupFrance MN-F13Level 0
AnywavesFranceMN1-C08Level +1
Aresys S.R.L.Italy MS-E13Level 0
ARGOTEC S.r.l.ItalyMN-C02 Level 0
ArkisysUSA MS-B06Level 0
Association of Italian Space Enterprises (AIPAS) ItalyMN-A02-A03-A04-A06-A08Level 0
Astroscale Holdings Inc.JapanMS-F11 Level 0
Aubert & Duval France MN-E01Level 0
Axon CableFranceMS-C03Level 0
AzercosmosAzerbaijanMN-E07Level 0
AzistaIndiaMS-B01Level 0
Cailabs France MN-F17 Level 0
Canadian Space Agency (CSA)CanadaMS-B08 Level 0
CatapultUKMN1-B15Level +1
Centre National d’études spatiales (CNES)France MN-E11 Level 0
Charter SpaceUSAMN1-B10Level +1
Cluster Technologico Nazionale AeroSpace (CTNA)Italy MN-B01 Level 0
Comspoc Corp.USAMN1-B17Level +1
CONTEC South KoreaMN-E06b Level 0
CosmoWorks, Inc.South KoreaMS-H06Level 0
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V (DLR)GermanyMS-F13 Level 0
DoraHacks USAMS-H05 Level 0
D-Orbit SpaceItalyMS-A14 Level 0
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) SwitzerlandMN-C17 Level 0
Edrive Space TechChinaMN1-C13Level +1
Estonian Business and Innovation AgencyEstoniaMN-D11 Level 0
European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)AustriaMN-C01 Level 0
Exploration SpaceGermanyMN1-A05Level +1
German PavilionGermanyMS-G15-E07-H10Level 0
Glenair S.p.A.Italy MS-F02Level 0
GMV SpainMN-A32 Level 0
GomspaceDenmarkMN1-B12Level +1
HE Space Operations BVThe NetherlandsMN1-C04Level +1
Ingeniars SRL Italy MS-A10 Level 0
Innospace South Korea MS-G11Level 0
Innovation Agency Lithuania – Space HUB LT UnitLithuania MS-D03 Level 0
Institut National d’Optique (INO)Canada MS-B02 Level 0
I-space LuxembourgMN1-A02Level +1
Israel PavilionIsraelMN1-B05-B03Level +1
Kayhan Space USAMN1-B08Level +1
KBR UKMN1-A03Level +1
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)South KoreaMN-E17 Level 0
Leaf Space SpAItalyMS-A18 Level 0
MDA Space CanadaMN-B13 Level 0
MetaSensing srlItalyMS-A01 Level 0
MilesBeyond Italy MS-A05 Level 0
MilexiaItalyMN-F27Level 0
Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of ArmeniaArmenia MN-E13Level 0
Mission Latvia, Export Promotion DivisionLatviaMS-B03Level 0
Nano AvionicsLithuania MS-D02 Level 0
NARA Space Technology Inc.South KoreaMS-D10Level 0
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)USA MN-D05 Level 0
NeuraSpacePortugalMS-F17Level 0
NewSpace CataloniaSpainMN-E19 Level 0
OHB SE GermanyMS-F15 Level 0
OPTEC S.p.A.ItalyMN-C03 Level 0
Orbital Express Launch Limited DenmarkMN1-C06Level +1
Plug In France MN-F23Level 0
Polish Space Agency (POLSA)PolandMN-B11Level 0
Progetto IrideItalyMS-A12Level 0
Regione Emilia-RomagnaItaly MN-B03 Level 0
Regione Puglia Italy MS-A09 Level 0
S.A.B. Aerospace Italy MN-E10Level 0
Satrec InitiativeSouth KoreaMS-C06 Level 0
SDA Bocconi School of Management – SEE LabItaly MC-12Level 0
Sener Aerospacial S.A.Spain MN-A34Level 0
Sitael SpAItalyMN-D01 Level 0
Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques (SABCA)BelgiumMN-E06 Level 0
South African National Space Agency (SANSA)South AfricaMN-A28 Level 0
Space Flight Laboratory (SFL)Canada MS-A03Level 0
Space Inventor DenmarkMN1-C15Level +1
Space Park Leicester (University of LeicesterUKMN1-B11Level +1
Spaceclick S.r.l. Italy MS-A05b Level 0
SpaceFluxUKMN1-A07Level +1
SpaceMindItalyMN-B03bLevel 0
SpacenedThe NetherlandsMS-C09 Level 0
Spain SpaceSpainMN-B06 Level 0
SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development AgencySlovenia MN-E09Level 0
ST EngineeeingSingaporeMS-A02Level 0
Starion GroupItaly MN-A01 Level 0
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL)UK MS-F09Level 0
Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)SwedenMN-E08Level 0
Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) Sweden MN-E08Level 0
SWISSto12 Switzerland MS-C07Level 0
Teledyne e2VUKMS-E03 Level 0
ThrustMeFrance MS-B04Level 0
Tyvak International Italy MS-A20Level 0
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)International MN-C13 Level 0
Weiss Technik FranceMN1-B09Level +1
Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA)The Netherlands MS-H01 Level 0
Zaitra Czech RepublicMN1-C07Level +1

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